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  1. Hi, i know what i ask is abit dumb. I'm just curious cuz i intending to get a brand new revo. Just wondering, does a brand new one comes with the crash bars?
  2. Hi Republic, i'm intending to get a brand new cb400 revo from u guys soon. Just a few questions i hope u dun mind. Firstly, does a brand new revo comes with crash bars? And secondly, is it compulsory for me to purchase a full comprehensive insurance since it's a brand new bike? Or can i just make do with TPFT? I'm 22 years old with almost 4 years otr. Thanks and have a nice day!
  3. Hi can i have the otr pricing for a first hand cb 400 revo/ cb400 revo bold'or? I'm turning 22 this year with more than 3 years experience. Thanks.
  4. Hi Jimmy, i intend to get a s/h cb 400 spec 3 from u. Hopefully is fba or fbb plate. Do u guys have it?
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