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  1. I have a rear seat cowl from the older monsters (M400, M620, M900, S4RS) for sale at $200. Contact me at 9six1-triple 8-one9 if interested.
  2. @Ardian hello my seat cowl is the normal Ducati red. It's the original colour and was taken from my M400 I rode about 3-4 years back.
  3. Hello. I have a rear seat cowl for the older monsters to let go at $150. Do contact me at 81281021 if you are interested. Thank you.
  4. I saw my old M400 yesterday along Pasir Panjang while I was riding! Some Indian chap was riding it and I told him it was my old bike!
  5. bro, may i know wat ti-tech rossi that u've sold?

  6. Can make it next week for lunch with you!
  7. Ya cause my competition will end 7th May about 7pm! I'll be going for dinner with my family after that, so might not be able to join you all. But 14th will be good!
  8. Can push to 14th? I can only join then! But i'll try to make it 7th.
  9. Can't wait to join you guys again! Studying + dieting + training = not good.
  10. Ya I was there! Went to collect my Vespa and forgot I left my helmet in the shop. Didn't know you guys were there, could have joined you guys for a drink! If I win first I treat dinner for everyone!!
  11. Thanks. Need to really watch out from now on. Anyway, let's have a meetup 14th May! Exams and competition over for me already, new bike in. Let's feast!
  12. Ya thanks man. Haven't been riding for a week already! Had stitches on my right shin and my right shoulder tendon is bruised. Guess what guys, I fell at Thompson with you all last year 15 April 2010 and this year 8 April 2011. Guess I should watch out for April 2012!
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