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  1. I am selling my SP2.

    Pls contact me at 90251761 if u are keen.

  2. Do you do it for Honda VTR 1000 SP2? Original backlite is orange in colour. How much is it and hong long does it take? Pls sms/whatsapp me at 90251761 as i dun frequent here often. Thanks.
  3. Yo bro, long time no see. Just got a quick question to ask u. I rode my friend's RC8 and realise there was a very strong vibrations on the handle bars. It gets worst over 5000rpm. And i mean it's really bad. Do u experience the same thing in urs last time?

  4. Hello.. My Hp is 82238128.

    Joel How.

    i stay in sembawang

  5. Joined SBF for six years le, now then i realise that U are the first one and only person in my friend's list! Thanks for breaking the Zero! Hahahah......

  6. It was on New years eve morning i think. Why did u buy a new fairing? U crash at PG?
  7. Happy CNY to all Maxxers ..... A prosperous year to all....
  8. Happy CNY to all Dukes ..... A prosperous year to all....
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