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  1. Bike sold....please close, thanks you,Admin..
  2. Sale were end 5 nov 17, "withdraw" and dont call after 5 nov 17, thank you.
  3. Low ball stay away , cheap cheap $1.2K ,COE END AT 3/ 2018. CAN RENEWABLE.
  4. Change new batt and cdi, slightly nego.
  5. Back from holiday, interected SMS me,thanks for viewing.
  6. Upz.............. cl2 bike for sale
  7. Bike had overhauled and changed many new parts costs me almost 6k++ and I selling very cheap sgd 2.1k, Before I looking at 3+++,bike in tip top condition,coe can renewable another 10 years.
  8. Change power switch and two carb cable 2pcs, renewable for another 10 yrs.
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