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  1. hey bro..im a fellow sonic rider..juz wanted to ask u if u have any lobang to search for sonic accesories. cant find in spore n msia so far...im looking for chrome racing footrest n handle.. juz leave me a msg aite if possible.. 94249946..cuz im hardly online...many thx bro in advance

  2. Before doing anything else have a WR2 expert check out the bike. If you have bought it from a specialist scram shop and it's in as new, PERFECT condition then there is a slim chance that it could actually be worth close to this much. But you would have to really love WR2's to pay this. Refer to SR post http://main.slackriders.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=37115.html If not, you're much better off letting go of your deposit. $750 loss is much better than $2750 which will be the minimum you will lose if you ride the bike out of the shop. (the above not being the situation) If truly kena conned
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