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  1. anyways I ask ah Chong abt jcosta and he ask me if I wanted the titanium version. That however is almost 300 bucks more. Question is it worth it? I could get an evo3 for 500. EVO 4 titanium is abt 800 and on top of that likely can last only 2 years. Reviews so far on jcosta all either in Spanish or Italian....so anyone have an opinion on this ?

    Bro, i using evo 2 and looking to sell it.. price can nego if you interested... depend on the roller weight u use and there will be different. I always seek ah choong for advise on this..

  2. Stock pick up is smooth but lagging. Stock one no punch leh. Could it be of the lag the accelerate making the anticipation off??

    Instant response when throttle might be different.

    Your wife really complain of the pick up?? My wife say too slow. Even after I install over range also just a bit improve.


    Main and only complain from her is the rear suspension too hard so very bouncy which make the bike not comfortable for Pillion. Rear quite hard for Tmax




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    Erm.. i always turn alot no matter with jcoasta or stock.. that y she make noise..

  3. hi Vemon I'm using 530. How is jcosta performance ?


    Thanks 3KiDz. Yup agreed with your suggestion on separating the list into 3 categories.

    Good.. but my wife dont like cos pick up is faster...

  4. I figured I compile a list of enhancement that is a wishlist and see if anyone can help to see if there are indeed such upgrades and what the cost might be like. I have to thanks Ni+3KiDz for the help in pointing me in the right direction.

    1. Jcosta evo3 plus

    2. Malossi overange

    3. Jetprime clutch system/Hit Clutch

    4. Steel braided hose

    5. voltmeter

    6. Akra full system

    7. Big bore kit

    8. Turbo bolt on kit.

    9. 55l metal box

    10. crossbar


    please feel free to add in any other mods for us to share and discuss

    Bro, ur is 500 or 530? I riding 500 and wanna let go my j costa.

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