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  1. hahah i see i see, i finishing up my rd project alreadi still got many other bikes.. aiya stress mother nagging cuz got so much bike alreadi.. for cg125 no other pipe can be legally used except for stock one, unless u change to another 125cc stock pipe which is silence.. but nv see ppl do it before, everytime mod will be those bad ass pipe noisy ones.
  2. sadly no.. its a risk for any bikers to take if wanna change parts damm need to change dp soon no camera!!
  3. hi anyone knows where to get this kind of pipe for a 125cc? http://image.motorcyclecruiser.com/f/8731343/xl+2006_Royal_Enfield_Bullet_500_Electra-X_right_side.jpg been trying to look for it but cant seem to find it
  4. a friend of a friend ah hai is selling cb400f. im not too sure whether its alreadi sold or not. last a i saw was dec last year. wanted to buy it but i didnt have class 2a yet. his shop is located at yio chu kang road next to spc. its a thai style of food coffeeshop with lots of vespa and beatlebug cars outside the shop. anyways guys, any idea where to chrome bike frames? and must i dismantle the frame?
  5. hey guys most probably ill be coming down late alil around 2130 83743177 - ahmad =] contact me if there's a change of plans or places.
  6. hey guys its my first time going outing can i join? riding c70 what about a meet up ride on 03 July 09(Friday night) Go for a short ride, supper and chat about old times bike! Date: 03 July 09 Time: 2100Hrs Place: KKFC 1. Marco- W650/cb400f 2. Chris - S110 / cb350f 3. Me : ) 4. Keith - RXK/C70 5. Maybe me- GSX750ES 6. BOTAK - S90 7. fez - C70 8. vell - re500 9.adair89 - c70 10.technicolorhighway (will really try to make it)
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