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  1. careful bro, dun be so throttle happy.. especially when it comes to lane markings and of cos drain covers.. almost skidded on my sportsters and rk a few times..
  2. u looking for wad model? I thinking of letting go my roadking. (comes with fireball module) u may go Sunhog at turf city
  3. This cartier is quite an interesting piece and has been in the market for at least 15 years!! the face is kinda small though.. Luckily this one doesn't have platinum or gold in it. Else price would have been 5 figure..
  4. Just got myself this.. one watch that I've been eyeing for 6 months..
  5. ok la.. treat it like a gadget to bring around.. I bought it when it came ard 2-3 months ago.. so far only used it abt 5-6 times.. looks very nice and cute though.. =)
  6. only managed to catch this thread after the outing.. gotta watch closely for the next outing
  7. Rosli is at Eunos there.. never did my Harleys there before... afraid that he might take sometime cos he do bikes quite slowly and needa refer to manual at times... but he's a nice guy though.. =)
  8. I hang at home at nite.. haha any late nite gatherings coming up?
  9. nice to look at.. I didn't enjoy my ride then.. really difficult to reverse for a typical asian
  10. bo bian... Uncle gotta admit Uncle.. see those kids riding wad K1,2,3,4,5,6 or R1, R6 zoom past me also dun give a damn... sigh... lim kopi at coffeeshop instead of Coffee Bean... Anyway, this mainstand acts as a good prevention of ppl attempting to push down ur bike cos its practically impossible for one to push this massive half a tonne off its mainstand.
  11. Heee... Harley got main stand... but still, rear tyre still on the ground..
  12. ppl who come to this topic will feel that the Best Bang for the Buck is the Bike that gives the loudest BANG
  13. hmmm.. nobody riding the glide series...
  14. 1. shiraz - Roadking 2. NormalAspirated - Sportser 3. gohjohan - Fatboy 4. funfly - Roadking 5. Ritmo - Sportser 6. Jess1717 -Sportser (soon-to-be) 7. fengdrew - Roadking 8. Oldun - V-rod and T-sport 9. Marvypower - RK 10.
  15. aiyah.. then I shouldn't sell my sportster so fast.. else can let u ride song song first... anyway didn't use it for 3 months.. but my RK more precious to me.. muz make sure I see it everyday before I go to work =)
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