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  1. upssss! NEW DECAL kit for DUKE 690 R 2013 included! brand new! not fitted
  2. PRICE REDUCED!! road tax renewed till 2018! inspection done and cleared! bike has to go by OCTOBER!! SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA!
  3. ups! will be back in OCT! whatsapp me for fast deal @8223 5708!
  4. ups! best price you can get!
  5. price dropped! fast deal! quick sale!
  6. price revised! WhatsApp to deal/negotiate price!
  7. apologies. wrong name, mobyjohnson!

  8. hey mickey. bike still available but i'm overseas now. i'll be back in October. whatsapp me @ 82235708. offer me a price and we can discuss.

  9. ups! price nego! if you have a motard or a sportsbike, I shall consider trading! whatsapp me directly please. thanks!
  10. Have you sold yet? A bit over my budget but if you're desperate, I'm definitely willing to talk!

  11. uppsss! happy holidays! good Friday!
  12. ups! ups! ups! good time to buy bike since new bikes are on the rise!
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