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  1. Yes i am bro! Loving it!

  2. Yo bro. Are you still riding wr125x? I am too. Its like hard to find kakis with this kind of bike man!

  3. might be your fuse holder connectors rusty or loose...

    check the wiring for your iu unit...

  4. Eh sorry bro, read more on the forum and saw its $5 plus. Thanks man. But was my prob about the same as yours. Mine kena water abit when washing. At first no yellow light comes out on the screen, just the value. Now no value also.

  5. Bro, sorry to bother but can I ask u a question? When your iu didnt display any value, can the carpark gantry still open for you? How much did you pay to get it repaired? My iu, the carpark gantry can open and charge me but when I put the cash card in, the gantry say no cash card detected. Thinking I may have some problem as u did. Wanna change IU expansive. Hope you could help me.

  6. SK I

    no more available

  7. aprie

    Bro, iu still available? Text me at 90670682. Thanks

  8. hi there. saw that you are looking for WR200. May wan to take a look at my thread @ http://www.singaporebikes.com/bikemart/used_bikes/92/yamaha_wr_200/



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