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  1. using car more nowadays. mileage 8 year old bike, usual wear and tear no major issues. hepco becker side boxes akra end can. certs provided regular servicing. LTA ok. send me a reasonable offer. view bike at West Coast Road pictures to come when I figure it out https://sg.carousell.com/p/yamaha-fazer-fz1-sa-1000-195534998/?ref=search&ref_query=fz1-sa&ref_referrer=%2Fsearch%2Fproducts%2F%3Fquery%3Dfz1-sa&ref_reqId=cGOq8L9BrW6uTsyDjjwuETuaTlwDfiMn
  2. Indeed 2sec rule does not apply in the real world
  3. Nice bike. Bring it in
  4. am looking at between these 2 bikes too, went down to yamaha the other day, the fz6 looks better
  5. i use a quick release Nolan. it's about the same as a D ring, except it won't get rusty
  6. Thanks bro. The one at minerva is$25k
  7. still wondering what a good price for these bikes would be considering there are so few of them around, hard to know which has a sweet price.
  8. theres a GT1000 at minerva too.
  9. thanks for the reply where would mike be from? I saw a 1100s at minerva and theres an ad from excel for another. about 2 years old.
  10. hi guys, am planning on gettign a 2nd hand ducati. I think excel cycle and minerva are 2 places that would sell these. any suggestions on where else would have good 2nd hand dukes for sale? am looking for a monster 1100s] thanks in advance
  11. wow.. feel sorry for the owner.. that's one of the 'dangers' holding me back from buying an expensive bike
  12. thanks for the reply. was looking at the Excelcycle website. the 796 doesn't seem to be available. not popular?
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