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  1. Hi, you still have the deuter comfort kid II for sales?


    can sms me at 97917115?




  2. Hey bro.

    Been informed that you're selling tank bra.

    If it's a black one i'm interested.

    Can contact me either here or 94217497.

    Thanks :)

  3. OOOOPPPSSSS!!! how can I forget them!!!??? Sia la....sorry my good buddies... Yeah, I'm sure you guys had great time, I see the pics oredi. Someone selling bike??? Anyone selling tank bra??? still not eh...
  4. Dumb double dumb stupid double thing double grrrrrr!!!!!
  5. OkOKOK.... I'll get BMC one... mhn varate! haha.... Ok, so anyone got lobang for BMC filter? and not fake lobang for event that oredi passed ok! That's just nasty to rub in! Nectarios, can send me diagram please, or do i use the one in the link and instead of the provolakia I put the socket? I need to install car cigarette lighter for to give power to GPS. AJ: Definitely bro!!! wifey oredi say sure I can go! Since no.2 baby coming in 22 Feb, will be shame not to take advantage. Actually wanted to go to Thailand with Mirza and Din, but cannot stay away so long while she still working Sor
  6. Hey bro's. Since my time of discounted service at HL has come to an end. Any suggestion where to get my bike serviced? Also anyone got lobang for install K&N filter? Oh, and also install power socket. (waterproof)
  7. Yep!!! I'll be joining you bro!
  8. congratulations bro nukeman!!!!
  9. Of course! My job in Greece is zacharoplastis for many years AJ used to work in Greek restaurant so he know to compare.... If you love food, then you'll love Singapore (As ta poume sta agglika gia na katalayh o kosmakis, mhn ta valoun google translator pou ta kanei mantara! haha)
  10. Yep... Definitely over $200! Thats why I say to ALL our friends who win, also to Take How who get jacket.
  11. Congrats to all the good people who won prizes and Kmax, may your good fortune be inherited by your little one too Nice to see everyone today also...hopefully can meet up again soon (without the need for some special event!) Seafood anyone? Perhaps when uncle Mirza back and Damien finish reservist....eh?
  12. ......................................
  13. Hahahahahaha!!!!! CRack me UP!
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