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  1. I have checked.... The CASE will drag I dunno how long as this can go on for years.. by that time... u might as well change bike...
  2. More like spend too much on repair, cant let go ....
  3. gld998

    Grand dink 150

    Becareful what you choose... if I were you.. I go with the phantom as scooter requires much more money to maintain like belt etc.....check out how much is to overhaul a scooter and how much to overhaul a phantom... anyway good luck....
  4. What can you claim depends on your warranty. I dunno what is specificed in your warranty. I too though taiwan bike easy to maintain and cheap spare parts... Boy, I was dead wrong... It's very very very expensive if compared to Wave, LC135, FZ150i, Nouvo etc. You dont believe me you can ask around and check the prices. Just Pray your bike dont spoilt. It's cheaper then the italian counterparts but it still too expensive. I feel like repairing my car. I should have bought a wave and 2nd hand weekend car instead. JB one just check under SYM Malaysia site and there alot of dealers for this
  5. Please send you bike for checking... before going anyhere... and do a major service. good luck
  6. Ojo, Since you bought brand new, u have not much choice but claim as much as possible as it is still free and under warranty!!... Nice bike to ride but damn ex to maintain... get a specialist SYM to check your bike... like AC Motor, Future etc when warranty is over. Becareful though as they then to talk alot of KOK and BULL story. Use your common sense. Never trust them and use your warranty to the max!! Like you, I'm stuck with this bike for at least a few years.... Me too... regretted buying the GTS200... servicing and repair is DAMN Ex... Do you know Overhauling our GTS will cost
  7. Hi, your phantom still available for sale? How much are you selling? Pls contact me at 9776 5153 to deal.

  8. Can meet at Choa Chu Kang or Tampines or town. Pls contact me at 97485778 to deal.....

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