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  1. haa.. me also ex rider lei.. moved to woodlands.
  2. Testing.. Looking for hougang riders. Lol
  3. wow this thread still alive haha those were the days..
  4. not sure if its alright to post here. Had braces since last Nov. helmet cant wear too tight de. the cheek pad will press against the cheeks and the internal side will kena the wires causing ulcers.
  5. hihi... u still selling penzoil 2t?

  6. yeah! haha! finally confirm your bike... heheh i had a hard time trying to convince my "bro" to get approval for you bike lo.... today we went to see the last bike, tt fellow did not turn up... tt's y we decide to get urs.. hehe... so happy...


    u want my number? 81610692


    wanna save my hp number?

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