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  1. for now only AKrapovic slip on
  2. Saw on some bikes shop fb page too think there should have stocks in the market now
  3. Yeah bro , is hot compare to my ex spark hahaha
  4. Abt 1.5k .....
  5. Mine still super stock lor ....
  6. Trade in bike depends bah i trade in my spark 135 for 1.6k coe 2019 juz for your info
  7. What top box are u guys using ?
  8. Oh i see didn't knew that thanks
  9. Huh? Only labour engine oil all need to pay ?
  10. Maybe this time round can try anyway is free wan ma
  11. Don't know lehhh hahaha bro the letter says need to book appointment do take note
  12. Oic i did get b4 but i didn't go there to service
  13. The round letter tat looks like a disc ? Hahaha
  14. Speedzone saw in their fb page mode their mt03 so cool with the inverted fork
  15. Not sure bro i didn't get mine from hlc , other shop don't have this promo i guess
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