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  1. How much is the W650? I checked Triumph Bonnevile and it's about $26k.
  2. Are we able to scrap the bike, transfer the bike plate to a new bike? Then keep the scrapped bike at home as a display?
  3. Thanks for the info... I am riding a 71 Honda CB100. My bike was rebuilt recently, but somehow still not that perfect... Engine will died while at first gear during stationary. Bike is nice and bling, but made me "malu" on the road a few times... Does the workshop you mentioned willing to do my bike? I think it's some carburettor issues.... By the way, are you Rod Monteiro the radio DJ? Ha!!! I know he collect motorcycles and bicycles...
  4. Do you guys know which workshop is the best in building classic / vintage bikes in Singapore?
  5. I drove past that shop just now but it's not open. What kind of helmet does he have? I am contemplating to get a Shoei helmet.
  6. I do not know any good motorbike shop but I am rebuilding my vintage at Hee motor now. Maybe the more experience guy can help you. However, if you want to buy parts, try the sites below. One is from Neitherland, prices are in Euro, use vpost to ship in case you are buying stuff there. There are also websites from Indonesia. The guy at Outlet168 is very friendly and his response is fast, drop him an email and he will help u. Retrowheels has good stuff but they never reply my queries If not, try eBay, tons of stuff there. If you need to do chroming, I can give you a few contacts too, but it
  7. My bike has this "Pok... Pok" sound at the exhuast while I'm riding today, something like backfire at the exhaust, the sound happened when my bike was stopped at the traffic light... But it was ok after I started to move off. Any one know what could be the possible reason that caused such thing to happen? Thanks.
  8. OOhhhh... I must be blind, didn't see another vintage bike on the road... U stay in the north? I stay and work at north side
  9. Yeah... It's me. Say Hi to me next time, I always ride slow between 40-60km/h on the road. Many cars cannot tahan me all the time I plan to change the bike colour next year. What bike are you riding? Anyway my name is not Xavier. I'm just a x-men fan... wanted to name my nick as wolverine but taken, so changed to his boss Dr Xavier...
  10. Wah.. Brother... There's a search tab right at the top of this forum, really need to spoon feed till like that meh? Anyway, here's the link... Good luck! Haha! http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=295597 Or if you don't mind a Vespa... There's one here, damn bloody nice... I see liao also very gian but not planning to get another bike that is so old.... Not sure if it is still available. http://www.1800-singapore-cars.com/sg/vehicles/19263/_singapore_for_sale_vintage_vespa_1965_restored/
  11. I think there's a 80s YB100 for sale currently, not really that vintage but classic lah... Whether it's worth getting at that price, you gotta decide yourself
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I got the bike from Gabriel, his sales thread (with pictures) is still in this forum. Anyway, just did the bike transfer and I haven't got the bike yet, maybe these 2 days.... Think I will post pics after I respray it
  13. Hello all. Newbie here. I just got a CB100 from a fellow biker here. Would like to ask you guys (who stay at HDB) a question. When u guys park your beloved vintage bike at HDB carpark, do you guys chain and lock it further to prevent theft? Sorry if I am asking a stupid question, I love this CB100 and am afraid that it will be stolen since it is just a small bike...
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