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  1. COE till March 2020. Looking to sell at $5,000. Price negotiable but don't lowball. Full cash only. Viewing at Dawson Road. Msg 8799 7087 to deal. Eligible to receive $3,500 upon scrapping based on the new NEA incentive.
  2. can check with you how much you take in for FBD plate yamaha Nuovo Elegance 135cc?

    Can tell me roughly the price u take in?

  3. hey guys.. anyone into online gaming here? i cant find any thread for it.. anyways, im playing a few mmorpg.. some great, others just make me go "blah"... haha im looking for a new game to play.. any recommendations? pls dont say WoW... im sick of that already... used to play knights online but it kinda fizzed out already.. right now the longest game i've been playing is torn city (more than 3 yrs already!).. its a little known game, but from using the search option, i see that there are a lot of singapore based players.. wondering if anyone on SBF is one of them.. http://www.torn
  4. so far my wife hasn't complained lah.. and i've been riding my nuovo for 2yrs plus
  5. i just HAVE to ask this question... does Republic motors give discounts to republic poly students? o_0
  6. i believe that its not about cars/bikes/busses/lorries... its abt the individual driver/rider... a driver who doesnt follow traffic rules will still do the same if he rides a bike.
  7. roughly how much is this bike otr right now? might be getting this bike.. it looks like a gilera on steroids...
  8. wow.. i wish i was 10 yrs younger and abt to 'sign up' for ns
  9. vivocity was free for bikes ard 4 yrs ago if i remember correctly. now it charges super high... probably to capitalize on the fact that sentosa still dont have parking for bikes...
  10. yeah.. anyone knows if auto bikes have to do valve clearing too? im riding a nuovo 135.. mileage 40k ++ too..
  11. i always go in alone to fill up petrol.. so far 5 yrs of riding, no problems.. just go in, do your stuff then leave.. no point going round and round for the sake of it..
  12. wow.. i just realized there's only 53 posts these whole season.. what happened to the man united fans?? come on you reds!!
  13. any nyp biker groups? i heard they have 1 in RP
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