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  1. Repost up my post Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ups my sales. Not in a rush to sell off as it's a classic round eyes Triumph Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. so excited to meet Hamham and the gang tomorrow night at Jalan Kayu! Been so so long man.
  4. jtzx

    [DIY] The Clinic

    LIMbat is a shop name. they deals with lightings... purchase your bulb there la.. better and brighter
  5. yeahs! saw a FBF frazer bike! class 2B brand new bike.. cool stuff man!
  6. gosh! miss all the fun at scape today;( my friend buying over grace ta200;) cool stuff man!
  7. ahhh..... saw jeremy's ta200 parking beside my bike.. someone using oiler already wor.... looks like we'r moving nearer and nearer to the shelter already hor.. i park my ride just under the shelter ;d cool stuff ;D
  8. these days is slippers + shorts to school.. cool KOOL!
  9. hmm.. me? i reserved a good lot nearest to the shelter already. bike always so dry ;D just my right footpeg + crashbar tio rain =p
  10. he taken anti-biotic medicine already =p
  11. yes u can change the gear ratio.. but you will suffer else where. example: pick up speed. below 50 bucks? i dun think so unless you DIY make your own bag..
  12. i saw your photos in FB.. your muddy bike transform into a bling bling bike. you went alone? Vidak finger so strong? Been practicing finger kongfu lately yeah ;D
  13. Haha.. alter ways, you could install an EZZY Oiler from thread in garage sales.. His Oiler works wonders man.. i been using the oiler for almost 1 year plus already. save me the hassal to degrease my chain and Oil them up.. without this oiler, manual work takes up to 2hours just to do that... SO get yours today lah.. save time and longer life span for your chain... *i'm not advertising for anyone. Just a good product to share with you guys...* just sent to bike shop and pay around $280 for a complete respray... Dun bother go yard to source and do it yourself.. just to save
  14. oh.. his from phantom knight thread also.. riding a black phantom...

  15. i'm 18 only.. insurance rise 20% this month... ex ex man...

    i got my own ntuc agent too ;-)

  16. cause my burget is around 1.2k - 1.5k max..


    yours look good but too ex ;-( yup been hunting for a phantom for some time.

  17. cause my burget is around 1.2k - 1.5k max..


    yours look good but too ex ;-(

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