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  1. eno: nope they took vickii for leisure riding only.. both age add up also over 70 liao still jackpot meh.. elson: judge: "... ... ... Do u plead guilty?" me: "yes" judge: "ok. u are impounded with a fine of $800. *pause* and disqualified from all classes for 2 yrs" whole court: "=O.O=" clerk: "mdm its 2 mths" judge: "oh sorry. 2 mths." me: "(nnb april fool day still far lei.. ... ..)"
  2. lucky u.. that time my >60 speeding case i kena 2 mths suspended + 800.. considered very lucky alrdy too though.. ive heard ppl kena revoked @ that excess speed.. i think i spotted myself.. =x pffftttt! sp.. rs125.. lolssss!! tzm respected for the top end part though.. =^^= =x just my 1.5 ringgit cents. *** i just spotted.. today's toto numbers all damn cock sia.. all >30 wan.. heng ah no buy! ============================== btw important announcement: Vickii now is staying with her god-pa and god-ma, 30+ yrs old uncle and auntie riding her. dun disturb t
  3. ppl last time ride, now drive.. nxt time fly.....
  4. nvr put title.. cannot click ur msg..

  5. ya.. fked up sia.. now cannot flirt ard like i want liao :
  6. go see ur sproc size.. nvr disappear ah.. just bz w work and balancing my time with both bikes.. + freyaa still running in ad vickii need to go re-tuning.. setting run off liao.. *shagss*
  7. i using uma 34 and internal chamber, sproc 15/40, block also ported too, my fc is still 23 or 25km per L for normal riding, and around 20 to 21 if i go crazy with my throttle. check ur setting, if nothing wrong w ur setting, check ur riding style. or if u r expecting 50km per L, go downgrade to bajal.
  8. bike washing tml morning @ t47 mcp! anyone on?
  9. u can try planet @ ubi.. no promise though
  10. East Coast Warriors 1) dawn - xr2 2) andy - wr2 3) FR3E - KDX 4) WinEd - XR4 (Part time only, cos sub rider.) 5) Finix - DR2 6) mokamoka - Freewind (sub rider) 7) kid_rizal - XR4 8) Audrey - WR2 9) roger - DT200R 10) Acid-monk ? XR4 11) Beam15 - XR4 --------------------------------------------*ust edited* 12) x-iled - wr2 13) sKy1iNE (wr26) - WR200m hehe 14) tourCross - xr4 15) FactoryEffex (DJ-F|x-) - WR2(Soon its the past) 16) kenn - DT200R 17) aciptrip - wr400 18) SniperWj - KTM200 19) Wild i - Varadero XL125 20) spyke 981-Afrika Twin 21)dirtflame-w
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