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  1. Gsxr 1000 k7 model for sale. Coe 2026. Renewable. No plans to trade mileage at 110k not going up. I dont ride anymore. Accessories as below, - bazzaz zfi, tc no qs - bazzaz auto tune - ohlins rear shock - brembo pump - aftermarket clutch pump - new sc2 tyres less than 1000km. And many small things which you can come see yourself. Bike was put up for sale again as previous buyer not confirmed. Price at $12000 fixed, no nego. installment plans, come talk to me viewing will be at punggol. Full address pls ask me. Bike serviced at panjang garage. Accessories are
  2. not reg otr meh? i dono man that ****er was on full suit. it should be the one u saw on used bike sale section lor. full white modded farrings. wah 10k / 20k.. gt so 'cheap' anot?!
  3. honda RS250 is the sex man!. i happen to saw one otr west side. Full white modified farring. at first i thought its another pgm, then i realise wtf the pro arm is another side one. cool ride man.
  4. no la saw u as in saw ur bike parked in sch nv really see ur real person....
  5. nash u still need to come back sch meh? i saw u in sch a few times
  6. hmmm seriously where to fix one good and doesnt spoil easily one?
  7. i 010. then no speedo. zzz
  8. i dont have speedo leh, i find it quite fishy without speedo. thinking of putting a external one. where do i get it?
  9. hey, still selling? interested, contact me at 96234658

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