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  1. is the box and corbin sold yet? im pretty keen. top up budget is around 500 neg. counter offers welcome as i really donch know the price for such stuffs in SG.


    drop me a PM. thanks



  2. u hougang one of course dunno where is RK lah. lol
  3. ASTONS is good and inexpensive. i would say value for money for their standard. for me, i think its restaurant standard. long waiting time during peak hours thumbs up
  4. nvm la wait till im going on a weekend or sunday then come along lor. meanwhile still can go RK or gardens for kopi sessions too.
  5. dear serangoon riders, anyone interested to ride to the nearest A&W on this fri afternoon for a session of root beer, coney dog and waffles ?
  6. just reformat and u can tell the difference before and after typical windoze system
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