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  1. Yes bro, it's still on sales and it suits you. Please contact me @ 9860 8121 for best price. Thnx.

  2. bro the gmax suit still on sale?? how the condition???my height is abt 177cm weist is 33-34 can fit it??

  3. u sellin ur sp ?

  4. oi matrep. hahahahahah

  5. bro...izit still up for sale???

  6. oi makrep!!!sebelum ko maki aku,baik aku maki ko dulu..heheh...

    kalu ko nak reply, ni akunye username k..

    tunggu aku pass,next week...insya allah...

    k chow...aku nak gi jumpa syg aku...

  7. bro, interested buyer here... can pm me how much to top up.... thnx lol

  8. bro, roughly how much is yr offer??

  9. hi foxie...how's my offer...is it good or bad??? i really don't know... reply k..lol

  10. is tis the way to PM??? hahahah... whateva it is, 98608121 is my contact k...LOL

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