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  1. i believe the ixil carbono(carbon) long one like in youtube is no longer in-stock. please note: short and long exhaust do have different effect however being on a low cc bike u may feel less effect but its still there short exhaust = better boost at lower rpm long exhaust = better boost at higher rpm please correct me if im wrong
  2. if you guys get to travel thru kpe tunnel(for the outing). u might notice that the traveling towards ecp on kpe; its very hot and stuff but when returning back its actually quite cooling as the other tunnels near town.
  3. perhaps if you read thru the previous pages(starting page1) it would help cover everything you need on the bike
  4. great bike, but im sure you guys may want to get abit more power out of it. you can: 1) install K&N air filter 2) power abuser(auto-ignite)/voltage stabilizers 3) iridium spark plugs 4) exhaust(best felt/installed after installing k&n air filter) enjoy
  5. it pisses me off when some dude sits on your bike and trys it out like your bike is a sample model.
  6. could it be due to new tire wax layer? if it is, u could use sandpaper and sand the wax off.
  7. please check pm

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