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  1. Cant wait to get the monster ! Hopefully can get it mid june to end june. On the other hand, i just saw street fighter .. omg another beauty ..
  2. Hey Dodo ! Certainly agree ! Thats why i want a problem free 696 .. not sure what to look out for. Also i have a good source for battery for bikes, it starts my blade like a charm even after 3 weeks of not riding. Gonna want to put that into the duc, will there be a problem ? Also, setting aside 2k for maintenance ? wow ! thats alot, however if you are including the service light reset then i guess thats why but still .. 2k seems alot !
  3. Hey Bro ! Sounds good, you mind PM'ing me or whatsapp / sms me the price and details ? 90070472. Im looking at deals around with bike shop and individuals. Hope to get 1 which is reliable =)
  4. Morning ducarians ! Planning to sell my CBR1000RR for a Duc 696 .. Gonna stop tracking for abit and get a bike for commuting .. Its always a dream to ride a duc, who knows 1 day i wld upgrade to panigale, So heres the question =X I am going to look for a 2nd hand one .. any ideas what i should look out for ? they always say " you never know what happened to the bike before ". Also i read alot on the forums about 12k 24k svc, my work place is pretty near my house, i would only choke up 10K mileage on a annual basis so I'm not too worried about that and having said that, track bike costs alot
  5. @Atremis .. bro woudl have joined u but working till 4.30 .. paiseh ah !
  6. @blackant .. My tire mileage only 5k -.-
  7. OMG my rear tire pressure only 221 I just top up to 280 1 mth ago .. I sense hole !!! Anyway meeting Coldfusion at my place now ! Wahahha
  8. Anyway I think Woopa is the only group with own t shirt and own movie and own slideshow !! Thumbs up for Woopa !!!!!
  9. Lol .. He will ride up against the wall and pull with a rope and appear at ur hse window ! Commando style lol
  10. I use that ! Fp60 ! Hehe .. Gonna go pump tires tonight !!
  11. Anyway ppl who wanna dl the pics taken by Andrew pls go to the website ! http://Http://Gallery.me.com/ayyang#100023
  12. As in the ride la .. When it's half tank feels so shiok ! Ahha .. Eh ben ! So confirm Friday we go in then change money ah !
  13. siann .. just pumped full tank 15.5 litre .. ytd really run until dry .. until the meter blinking at 2.0 .. haha .. now the bike so heavy !
  14. Hmm 2nd hand if mileage less then 10k might cos 25k ..? With aft market exhaust and air filter i tink ..Tts what I was quoted last year July but went for brand new .. Hehe
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