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  1. Hi, I need to customize a small piece Fibre. You can do it?

  2. Hi how do i contact you. Ilyas here..

  3. hi Crossover

    im looking for scoops for fz1 fazer 2006

    FZ1 (Gen 2)

    Left and right air scoop (1 pair)

    Price : $240


    you always do it ? if yes, you can send in France ?


  4. Hi, how much for fairing repairs? Minor cracks only. Can i get a range of price?

  5. Hi Crossover.


    i intend to do paint work for my fz1 09, add belly pan side scoop. can help out??

  6. Hey bro, do you still do fairing repairs? Ive got a view dings on my r125 and hoping you could me out. Thanks.

  7. Bro..can u make for me hayabusa gen1 tail same in the photo. I will whatsapp u the picture.

  8. Hi can I know the cost for repairing sp fairing?

  9. hi bro, do you still do custom fairing ? can u fabricate r6 fairings?

  10. Hi Crossover,


    I understand generally that you do accessorizing of motorcycles.


    May I know where are you located, and what kind of services you provide.


    Please PM me; can't PM you cos your message folder is full.




  11. Hi bro, can u repair slight crack on my mito sp525 fairing can roughly how much is the cost?

    How long will it take?

  12. Hi, I have a cracked fairing on my FZ8S which require repair and repainting.

    May I know what's the cost to do so and duration?


    The crack is on the side just under the side mirror.


    Also, where's your location? I'm in Sengkang.

  13. Hi do u still selling fz1n side air scoop if got PLS PM me thanks thanks

  14. Hey you still doing the fairings..?! Do contact me at 82185283..

  15. One colour spray whitr for krr 150 hw much?


    U do r6 sharptail for krr? Hw much


    Do pm me

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