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  1. shldnt be a problem juz make sure ur radiator there have enuff i had mine remove for a few mths b4 i decide to add the small tin like thing as my radiator had spoil and kept leaking
  2. =0 i didnt know teh rim will bend ...
  3. double post** zzz screw this new layout always kena double triple post
  4. i tink theres 6 plates and 3 spring ... if i remembered correctly when i change it price wise not sure
  5. haloz... like ur colour of ur bike.. haha

  6. i tink they open 4pm plus hassan shop opens at 3pm
  7. jian if ya going tonite help me ask hassan 1 thing SP sprocket front and back + chain how much helping fren to ask .... thx in advance
  8. wow 150rm for everything u did? nice hope the next time u all go there i can go =(
  9. hello new kr rider from jurong area reporting.my name is yong ann u can call me ann.hope to join all the "lao jiaos" for outing soon ^^
  10. aww would love to join u but duno if im able to collect my bike before that day
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