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  1. anyone interested in lightech rearset for cb1000 08-09 going for $350 as good as new pm me @92215104
  2. hey buddy.. ive been riding revo for 3years...n have encounter ups n down wif this bike...positive point-its good in pick up...smooth..fuel comsumtion i ever got 400click b4 reserve..mantain speed 90-100kmh...negative point-tps throttle sensor is so sensetive with water..coz it will get yur bike go haywire..even engine shutdown wen yur riding fast...price? ex...not much legal exhaust tat you can buy...so i surgest carb spec 3 is the best! sori revoians ...
  3. oit...lama ilang bro..

  4. hey there...sweet rde..heheheks ride safe aite see u ard

  5. bro i wanna ask u ahh where to but tat ff4 tinted visor??

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