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  1. Dude any news? Reply on my fone...

  2. he can't view cos some of the profiles are set limited access only if they are friend of the person in FB...
  3. Big Thanks to the organiser and the crews! It was a great event with fun games, challenging games, nice and beautiful bikes!
  4. hi bro,kind of intrested in your h&b box set,do u have a pic of it?how many liter n is it the silver one?pm me back...thanks

  5. ç¥ä½ æ–°å¹´å¿«ä¹, 你笑å£å¸¸é–‹, 你身体å¥åº·, 你財æºæ»¾æ»¾, 你万事如æ„, 你好我好,世界更好。:cheers:

  6. bro ur bike still up for sale? would like to view but can only make it on sun evening for this week.

  7. replied ur pm~ check ur thread for tire repair ki~ possible if i can get dat before 28th dec?

  8. bro~ u still haf ur tire repair kit? interested here~ if possible two sets~

  9. bro,sorry very late reply.The model is the one you display on your page.SMX-2 A C Glove.Got black colour? but u said must have at least five orders then u proceed right?

  10. lol.. ya..so coincidental!


    haha.. jus saw ur msg..

    i left u a msg on ur FB wall this morning!

    once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! =)

  11. didnt know dat our bday fall on same day! happy birthday to u too!

  12. didnt know dat our bday fall on same day! happy birthday to u too!

  13. Simi la eh! Nw got this function to chat izzit?

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