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  1. Bro siam_23, WAH~! so LUCKY huh~??? mine when got home.. only one of the box, the durian juice was out. heehee... now all in the fridge... (waiting to make durian ice cream) Bro G450X Will contact you later in the wk wrt gettin MAO SHAN KING~! yummy~!
  2. Not sure if non-facebook user able to view the photos. But can check out at this link for all the photos: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=143780452365269
  3. For the record.... i was forced to hv dinner (innocent).... if i knew still hvin dinner in m'sia, i wld strongly suggest to go wif bro G450X at Kulai~!
  4. den come wif us in the mornin for durian... and juz nice for u to go JB there after at noon...
  5. Bro, I got another 2 frens ridin up wif us: 1. G450X and Anne (F800GS) 2. Jason & Beck (KTM 990) 3. Playful (FJR) 4. Siam_23 (FJR) 5. Alex9920 (GSR) 6. Firedragon (Deauville) 7. SK (Deauville) 8. Lemont97 (VFR) 9. Playful's fren (Streetfighter) 10. Playful's fren's fren (not sure)
  6. my pair of bridgestone also $400+... confirm not possible juz for a rear cost that much... tt's crazy~!
  7. if u done proper patch shld not be a problem... mine patched n had gone for at least 4 KL plus 1 cameron trip... but do make it a point to check ur patched tire everytime b4 moving off...
  8. Had enjoyed the company ridin up to KL bro smoothie and bro c4ble... hope u guys took lots of genting pics while enjoyin the cool weather...
  9. I am riding FJR, hope can catch up wif u guys... as for sengkang a bit off my route... how abt i meet u guys in JB shell station abt 8~8.15am? I'll PM u my contact too. BTW, got bfast b4 headin off?
  10. How fast will u guys be travelling? both riding R1? I will be heading up to KL on 2 Jul... but will stay over nite till sunday... not sure if u guys mind me taggin along for company on the way up...
  11. aiya.. hv to confirm wif u again when u mention "give away" wat... it's not everyday u c sm1 so generous. i juz got my FJR recently so tinkin to keep some spare juz in case if anyting happen... (Bro faz5339... DUN GO OVER TONITE~!) tml i wld b goin up KL for a wk wif my ride... so will b bz packin my stuffs... if i can make it i wld drop by... me newbi... so not sure if i noe who is who if/when i'm there...
  12. sama sama... dunno wat cld be the problem...
  13. wah.... free one huh? if so i dun mind getting from you since i m stay in TPY... let me know if u r donating to me bro~
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