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  1. :) replied your PM
  2. hi bro...just wanted to ask if u had bought ur srmax? am interested in the bike too...

  3. it varies alot for me cos for 4 mths a year I work in the west (science park), and the other 8 mths is at east (tampines). I stay @ Bedok.
  4. Spotted at Century Square: http://www.picturesky.com/albums/userpics/11896/Duke695a.jpg http://www.picturesky.com/albums/userpics/11896/Duke695b.jpg Buy Polo perfume and you might win this.
  5. Hijack thread! Ducati Monster M400 for sale, for more details CLICK HERE. ~ hee thanks ~
  6. dun know... i dun really know him... in fact who is he?
  7. certainly not me, but would have love to seen that...
  8. Kallang Cycle Kallang Avenue Industrial Centre 108 Kallang Avenue (S)339428 Contact Michael, Tel: 6297 1196
  9. alamak! i really meant that I'm touched. its a passion... and he worked towards his passion... [impressive]!
  10. a very touching 'life story'.... maybe in ch5's next season... *roar* *growl*
  11. 95 pages will be quite a drag to read, I'll try to answer your questions to the best I can. 1) Mines an FQ Plate, bought it last year at 4.25K which is abit on the high side. But the price depends alot on condition, for such an 'old' bike, the condition can vary alot. Set aside at least 500 to 1K to touch up the bike (above your bike budget). 2) Its the same for every bike at Vicom. 3) East Side: RS Bike Centre 1067 Eunos Avenue 4 #01-214 (S)409801 Contact Rosli, Tel: 67478202 Kallang Cycle Kallang Avenue Industrial Centre 108 Kallang Avenue (S)339428 Contact Michael, Tel:
  12. 2. Kallang KFC (Fast food/air con) RESULT: 04 Zero, though you're zero, plus you 1 person equals 4. Oh yah... got my bike back from Mike le kekeke... spent 455 bucks.
  13. Something to post really quick before going off to work. *lol* Bike now @ Kallang Cycle for 'major' servicing, stuff like valve clearance, gear lever adjustment, handlebar adjustmet, all the oils etc.
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