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  1. Hmm sorry but what is this fjt name in full? And where will it be located? Thanks for ur help ;D
  2. Anyone knows what good engine oil to use and spark plug? How many of them needed? Cuz i planning to change it myself (: And where to get them at a good price?
  3. Haha! Thanks ;D Ya i know (: Ur the name zhi wei?
  4. Yup the ohlin RVF ;D FB : Kanon Lovedieher
  5. Hmm bugged?

  6. Haha! Lax lax! xD See when free can go down drink teh xD
  7. Wow a very nice bike..but singapore for now dont have right?
  8. But if ur getting a FF and full gear for ur practical,U must be prepared.Cuz SOME of the instructer or tester would pick on those people thinking that they are a "Racer" type when they graduate thus making them hard to pass or get their license.My advise is that when u graduate then u get them ba~ Anyway for ubi CDC they don't allow student to wear FF for practical unless its flip up type.Instructor has alr mention during the first lesson of the practical~
  9. I anything eh! haha! I live at bedok north! But i only weekdays free nah! haha!
  10. Hi sorry not giving away for 2A bike just selling alr since I got a 2A bike alr :) thanks!

  11. devilgods

    My Ride

  12. I bought it at ah boy lurh..i brought to motordiam that time and ask why.they say cuz of the voltage for a bike too high le thats why will melt.Only can use at cars..so best not to put le dont be like me.the whole casing i bought it around $28 ba.original one at ah boy.But changed myself so as to say service charge xD
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