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  1. Hmm sorry but what is this fjt name in full? And where will it be located? Thanks for ur help ;D
  2. Anyone knows what good engine oil to use and spark plug? How many of them needed? Cuz i planning to change it myself (: And where to get them at a good price?
  3. Haha! Thanks ;D Ya i know (: Ur the name zhi wei?
  4. Yup the ohlin RVF ;D FB : Kanon Lovedieher
  5. Hmm bugged?

  6. Haha! Lax lax! xD See when free can go down drink teh xD
  7. Wow a very nice bike..but singapore for now dont have right?
  8. But if ur getting a FF and full gear for ur practical,U must be prepared.Cuz SOME of the instructer or tester would pick on those people thinking that they are a "Racer" type when they graduate thus making them hard to pass or get their license.My advise is that when u graduate then u get them ba~ Anyway for ubi CDC they don't allow student to wear FF for practical unless its flip up type.Instructor has alr mention during the first lesson of the practical~
  9. I anything eh! haha! I live at bedok north! But i only weekdays free nah! haha!
  10. Hi sorry not giving away for 2A bike just selling alr since I got a 2A bike alr :) thanks!

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    From the album: My Ride

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    My Ride

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    From the album: My Ride

  14. I bought it at ah boy lurh..i brought to motordiam that time and ask why.they say cuz of the voltage for a bike too high le thats why will melt.Only can use at cars..so best not to put le dont be like me.the whole casing i bought it around $28 ba.original one at ah boy.But changed myself so as to say service charge xD
  15. Hi bro~ Do u have spark T-135 Red and white FIAT paintwork fairings?
  16. Nope no problem at all..but only have one big problem than TP..the bulb melt the bracket around it and when it blows out I'll have to change the whole casing that time.
  17. Really there got sell?may I know their shop details?
  18. The seat is bought at ah Gua lane the ah boy shop there.then my bike is stolen like few blocks away from my house.I think they push my bike to there ba.cuz Also my own fault cuz that time I never lock my handlebar ma.sian 1/2.luckily my father got van then that time ask him send to workshop for me.piang change everything takes me 500plus.police tell me that they found fingerprints say go back check.but don't think they can catch ba.cuz they up till now havent inform me anything yet.
  19. Hi guys please help..may I know where can I find the fairing for spark 135 FIAT COVERSET in Singapore ?as my current one is broken.. ):
  20. Guys..may I know where can I find the FIAT Paintwork coverset for spark T-135 in Singapore?
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    From the album: My Ride

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    From the album: My Ride

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