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  1. Spare pair? I was looking for something smaller to fit on my gilera.

    Got a pic of it?

  2. hey u wanna get the shorter mirrors rite? i got a spare pair with me.. 10 bucks cheap cheap....

  3. dude.. i'm interested in the delta clutch.. how much?

  4. sori2.. just read ur msg... hmm... which sat?

  5. hey dude.. i'm iman too.. haha.. we may be hanging out tmr.. wanna join? my number is 94571095..

  6. hey dude.. me and some of the dudes are hanging out sat nite.. kalo nak turon just gimme a call.. iman-94571095

  7. dok bsk aper plan? whats ur email add?-iman

  8. well this is no. 82385213...

  9. go 4 the decal 1st..then slowly find cheap pipe wit cert...ok..dont be rush..relax..

  10. hey dan.. i've been reading the 3gk thread and i've found out that u are the most helpful and knowledgeable in the thread.. so i guess its best that i come to you first? haha.. i'm getting my vxr 06 and i'm looking for kakis to ask around about all things gilera.. hope u can help me out bro..thx.. tc.. my number is 94571095. iman.

  11. sure2..pe2 pm je k..btw lau u wanna join my club,it at my social group ok



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