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  1. wow,wait till almost mid of the gauge is quite a long wait..waste fuel too. yr engine very smooth and not-so-ok is during yr initial move off?
  2. your tires enough air,steering cone etc...
  3. looking for scooters? see if this fits you. Thanks for viewing.. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179435
  4. which asia country got really hardcore scooter player?? Japan? hong kong?
  5. there's one coming up..can refer to the Scooter 2008 Monthly Outing thread..
  6. very detailed info.. that was fast,good luck for your sales..whats next??
  7. can try Kallang Avenue Industrial Centre. there got..
  8. hee...back to work with holiday day mood still..
  9. can go to the link for more info.. http://www.hondadiracc.com.sg/ http://www.carcoop.com.sg/
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