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  1. aiyo all so hot..relax ah i scared..everybody has their own opinion, its ur own bike, up to u to sayang or tahan..peace over some good coffee aha
  2. dropping by to say, "i'm thinking of u."


    i love riding with u everyday. it just wouldnt be the same without u anymore. =D

  3. HI areal, Nice to meet u at planet....

  4. oh yeah baby that was a fun ride lets do it again ok! :angel: hee hee

  5. didnt i tell you to block sbf 3 weeks before exams! LOL. come tuesday we will be free and our mileage will drop for the mth of dec.

  6. hahaha ur new avatar is damn cutee!! hope ur stats paper today was easy! :D

  7. areal

    flea fie fo fum..have a happy week ahead! :)

  8. hey ! thanks thanks fr d birthday wish ! (=

  9. hee hee! *hug* :D

  10. happy 20th birthday!

  11. o.o! din notice ur "spam!"... o.o!


    spam u back! :shy:

  12. haha, not up north..later my bike kana stolen =x rofl!

    yeah ive seen quite a few phantoms at planet :smile: heard ah chong has alot of expertise with them

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