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  1. Bro, you scrapping your phantom ?

    If yes, can I swap out the speedometer from your to-be-scrapped bike ?

    I am willing to pay for it.

    My speedometer needle is broken and I hope to swap out one with a unbroken needle with someone scrapping their bike.


    If interested, please contact me whatsapp/sms/phone at 85337332 . Thanks

  2. bro i got 1 similar Agv brand new @28, text me @81958669

  3. Ahcai.. now I know where you disappear to after SMBF... haha.

  4. haha, not up north..later my bike kana stolen =x rofl!

    yeah ive seen quite a few phantoms at planet :smile: heard ah chong has alot of expertise with them

  5. Oh, icic. do u go often for trips around singapore or up north across the causeway? alot of the phantom knights frequent "ba fang"/ P****t. so u might have meet quite a number of them?

  6. lol can ah.

    as for what bike u ride..i saw ur previous posts in the PK chit chat thread =x hee

  7. haha yeah, i just call u by your sbf nick "areal" when i see u at planet? how do u know i ride a TA150? just curous. haha.

  8. hiya, yup black cbr with p-plate..u ride ta150?

    haha next time can say hi if u see me :)

  9. hey, think i saw u before at planet... u ride a cbr150 with P-plate on right? u also frequently go planet for servicing?

  10. any ideas where can i buy penzzoil 2T?
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