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  1. bro,please post more pics of ur bike.email 2 me is [email protected] .planning to buy the r125.tq

  2. hey bro, can i know where u bought ur r15? im surveying. and if im not wrong u bought ur insurance ard 1.5k rite? so far ive been qoute ard 1.7-1.9k for insurance. im 20. i'll be glad if u share some info about this bike. thanks. (: hope to hear from u soon.

  3. about a month ago.. i bought the h-pack frm ur shop.

    however recently the zip broke.. is there any place i can fix it?

  4. hey bro

    sherman here.. u going scubasimon gymkhana right..

    u want meet first?

  5. Hi there!

    you still selling ur TA200?

  6. eh bro.

    are there dealers for ducati in singapore?

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