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  1. Bro...whats your headlight? Tks

  2. Hi,


    Noticed that you're looking for 2B bikes costing below $1500. I'm selling my YP125 for $850. Sale details here:




    Call me if you're interested.

  3. i selling my bike TA200 u interested? letting go fast.

  4. i selling my bike TA200 u interested? letting go fast.

  5. Is that ur revo or someone else. Btw. If its urs. Pm me ok ur contact. Ty

  6. Bro. If u selling ur revo. Pm me ok. Ur contact. Thanks alot. Interested

  7. Bro. Pm me if u selling the spec 3. If thats ur bike. Thanks. I wanna downgrade

  8. hey commander im just curious what head cover is on the spec 3 cause im like looking for it at auntie and ah boy still no luck.. do u know where to get it..? thanks

  9. spec 3 is my friend's


    yeah i do still go jb everyweek.

  10. hey commander whose spec 3 is that?

    btw u still going JB?

  11. Team_Commander

    Ma Bike

  12. Kudos to Unique:D now can pay via Diner card:D

  13. uncle looking for LEd now ah??? lol\



  14. i never diy... a bro here does it....


    his nick is rabbit... contact him.

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