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  1. Today while riding


    As usual to work but slightly faster because running a little late..


    On ECP towards AYE, traffic is starting to build up and started to lane split. In front of me a S4 moving quite fast but as we start to lane split, he brake a little and hazard light on briefly. I don't understand so I back off a little, shortly after that he signaled me to pass. Went pass and wave thanks.


    I always appreciate big bikes give way to kups during LS because we usually split faster. Kudos to the S4 rider. :thumb:

  2. Haha, speaking of insects and etc hitching rides.. I encountered a baby lizard on my speedometer while riding on the Expressway. Flick it and it landed on my groin area.. :faint:


    Another one lagi best, just turn out from my home going to the main road. Something hit me and got stuck at my helmet strap, instinctively I take it out and flick it away. Suddenly I have a stingy pain below my chin where the strap is and it is getting more painful. I stop along the road shoulder and examine, I managed to removed a sting.. Wah lao eh.. kana stung by a bee while riding.. :faint:

  3. Today while riding to work...


    I was on the Expressway at the speed limit (Yeah right.. :cheeky:) on lane 2 as traffic was pretty clear for a Saturday morning.. all the sudden I noticed an object creeping up to me slowly from behind.. I turned around and saw a blue Msia bus following closely behind me.. so wtf?


    I speed up on first lane to overtake the car in front of me and change back to lane 2.. The bus followed and overtook me on lane 1.. after overtaking me it switch back to lane 2. I followed him and clocked at least 110km/h on my kup meter.. slowed down after that as that stretch sometimes got overhead bridge cam..


    I don't like big vehicles to be at my @ss.. don't feel safe.. :faint:

  4. Rode ytd and guess what? In 1 trip, 3 cars actually moved n adjusted their cars to let me LS thru the traffic jam. Can buy 4D liao la!


    It is more relax and safer to ride thru jam if all drivers can do this, of course riders also don't take it for granted and speed thru while LS.

  5. Haha, I will always try to wave thanks whenever I can when the bike in front gives way during LS.


    When the rider keeps left for me to pass, I use my left hand to wave so no problem.

    But if they filter right for me to pass, I cannot wave because I use left hand wave they cannot see.. use right hand then cannot throttle to accelerate. :p


    Btw, hope tat u will be able to dun tailgate to signal u wan to pass. Im glad tat ur usual riding u will keep safety. But sad when u very hot will tailgate. I think u also agree tat tailgate while LS is extremely dangerous. I hope for ur own safety u will be able to refrain from tat. :/


    Yeah, anyway it's rare. I haven't chut this stunt for a long time because the riders I met so far are very nice. They will let me pass when I'm faster than them. This makes the whole journey so much more pleasant, so I do the same when another bike is faster than me. :)


    Ride safe & live to ride another day! :cheers:

  7. currently i dun lane split (most of e time) for e famous adam/lornie road.


    That's one portion over there I don't split where the centre divider becomes full concrete wall.. A lot of kuku drivers scared of the walls and thus keep very close or even sometimes on the broken lines..


    Good for u. ^^ but sometimes e front bike slow down and i catch up unintentionally. Then will slow down to keep space. But seldom c this behavior.


    Usually e dragon form very pretty with any breaks in e links. Then touch wood, will become like a dragon head with a compressed body.


    I just realised I have always followed the 2sec rule.. :D :D and once they give way den zoooom!


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    Yeah.. I also won't follow the front bike too closely during LS, I keep at least one car length away in case he jam brake or fall down I still got time to react.


    If kana those "dragon head", I'll wait for either lanes for gap before overtaking. I agree overtaking while LS with the front bike LS-ing is damn dangerous and not worth the risk. But sometimes really hot ah.. I admit I tailgate him to signal that I wanna pass..


    So bottom line, lane split at your own pace but give way to faster bikes.



    That's why I say good that nobody complaining about me here ma... Cos here is just saying and when I'm on the road, I'm different... >_


    Bro, we are all bikers here and are concern for each others safety. What you post online here will reflect on your personality, so please think properly and phrase your words correctly before posting to prevent unnecessary wrong impression.

  8. Mac replied to my friend:


    We are doing a trial at our stores in the North Zone to look at ways to prevent wastage. In this trial, customers will have a fixed number of free nugget sauces depending on their order and will be charged $0.30 for each additional unit of nugget sauce. This does not apply to our garlic chili and ketchup sauces. We aim to find a fair solution for reducing wastage and believe the free allotment of sauce should meet the needs of the majority of our customers. To help us refine this policy, we invite customers to send us their feedback at [email protected]. Thank you!

  9. stupid bugger on Gilera decided to lanesplit without checking blindspot. NNBCCB, I almost ran into his sorry ass. Did ebraking and ended up about half car away from him. horn him and he raised his hand to say sorry. then he ride off.


    Bro, at least he bother to say sorry to acknowledge his mistake... Just forgive and forget.. better than those you horn and highbeam they still just continue as per normal. We make mistakes and judgement errors from time to time.


    Today while riding home along a single lane road, got a van see me coming still come out from car park, so I continue and purposely pass him by, by about 1 foot, riding between the double white line and him. Then cut back sharply immediately after passing him, from the mirrors can see him stay far far away after that. :p


    Dangerous move, careful bro.Don't worth to fall for such idiots. :(

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