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  1. Hi bro call me ir msg me 91129444...intrested in the tankbag...im at bapestier now

  2. Is the price nego bro?? My number 97101422 can watapp me the pic?

  3. Bro the showa absorber still got?msg me the price 91229444

  4. Selling original kawasaki kr spoke rims with original harp...frobt and rear disc brake available...selling at $350...selling off due to upgrading to class 2...intrested msg or call me at 91129444
  5. ***Included***

    Welcome to the CUBS Community

  6. dun worry bro...2moro i coming down...i oreadi spoke to hassan...got police got gangster...i oso got lar...can lar...wakakakaka!!!
  7. bapa landa...

  8. hi there.. i have an airbrush artist.. but he's based in malaysia. cheaper pricing too! come by he does the best portraits around! call me at 96572799

  9. racer boi...

  10. $100 as stated.

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