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  1. Oh? I tried calling Rosli to ask.. Line is engaged. Pfffftt!
  2. Magg

    YUNA.. from Pingpongsg as well? HAHA this is grace from pingpongsg as well!

  3. Kevs

    eh... link open liao, but says: "Job not found" leh...

  4. 3 Classes, 2 Wheels, 1 Passion


    The Vision

    To be the sole financial advisory service provider for the biker's community in Singapore.


    The Mission

    To create awareness & impart knowledge in various financial aspects close to our heart.


    To render assistance & services via a professional and legal approach in a non-provocative way.




    Signing in is required, do support!

  5. Hey thanks! Sorry I just saw your msg :D

  6. Hey thanks! Sorry I just saw your msg!

  7. Wei... Notice tat ur b'dae jus past... Happy belated birthday... hehehe...

  8. eh why u not going local ride?

  9. Happy Birthday!! :cheer:

  10. Hey wats up. Happy BIRTHDAY to you in advance :-)




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