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  1. Mine too. No bonus. Is it a trend for US Company not to give bonus?
  2. rain doesnt mean must weather so cool..so nice
  3. So far dun think anyone got english one .... Jap version ones, how good is it? Where u got the Jap manual from??
  4. GOt manual one ah? If got, can share? Ver S
  5. u really everything halfway...
  6. Who got full metal panic, gundam seed, dragon drive and inuyasha? Dying to get my hands on these...
  7. my answer to ya topic.. me not a liverpudian....but and arsenalite! k lah, [email protected]
  8. oh wenya* is one of them???
  9. [scroll:e8f5cc34d1] ARSENAL [/scroll:e8f5cc34d1] dun flame me!!
  10. How come no one put the limelight on guys? knew of guys who take care of their face better than gals.. Guys who go for facial... they even know wat facial scrub and lotion to use.. and usually after listening to their "lectures"...i go Also knew of guys who put foundation and concealer.. just mild one.. and no, they are not gays. Just vain guys. IMHO, guys are getting more vain..kekekek Man, thy is vanity...
  11. kana suan lar.. just piak piak powder here and there draw the eyebrown hmm i tin eyebow v important wor. . . unless u hv those v nice shaped & dark eyebow den u dun hv to care if dun hv den hv to shaped abit. . . i aoso think eyebrow very impt. it useless to put on make up if u nvm trim ya eyebrow n they are bushy n got no shape at all. sumtimes i lazy i long time nvm trim eyebrow, i will nto bother to put make up as i think untrim eye brow will spoil my make up. sumtime i c ger put on heavy make up n draw their bro but they nvm trim their eyebrow. they look like zhong hui the vampire slayer anyway if u notice a ger b4 she plunk her eyebow she look ok but after when she pluck her eyebow she look even more nicer & her face look more cleaner coz a well trim eyebow can define ur feature more they have a saying.. No gal is ugly , only an lazy who does not take care of her looks is.. Not doing ya eyebrow is a sin!
  12. agreed.... but if only we all got loadsa money... i think i just settle for a miniature model... hee
  13. would be good, if someone could provide the figures? or websites to compare??? For standard maintenance- nuthin much 2 calculate(or u can calculate urself )... eng oil(3 bottls)... oil filter(1 honda OEM).. n tatz abt it...As for wear n tear, it's the same as other bikes... too much 2 mention here.. I tink towards the end is tat ppl wanna find out whether AT is problematic or not rite? Well I can tell u it's not... thanks! btw, u riding AT now? any probs u encounter dat u wanna share?
  14. would be good, if someone could provide the figures? or websites to compare???
  15. but if include pillion definitely more than 90kg already... assuming not using to do extreme offroad..but just for long distance? what would the lifespan be? est? btw, is there a thread comparing vara and AT?
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