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  1. Selamat pagi...... ok... nak tido.... gd nite
  2. I dont think it will bring me any good. am controlling myself from such temptations .... but thanks still1 for the offer.
  3. Let it be memories for us both. Now! let's start to treasure life. My balls shrinking to the MINI. Last sunday's PG track day also i dont dare to corner. I hope those overtook me understand .... Hey! we can still meet up for a kopi session ...
  4. I'm enjoying my Joyriding, besides, i broke Dr Dol's word.... "DONT PLAY IF U JUST CAME BACK FROM NIGHT SHIFT" I'm a permanent night shift.... every nite ...
  5. Congratulations to the winner .... Expected already. But i never expect Mr Shah Oli to play the 5-lap race. I thought he's just "Supervising" the youngsters. But Amba... I'm very super proud of you since the day u powerslide into your carpark with the "children" cheering at you.
  6. Selamat KeMalam. Aku kat class.... kelengkang masih cramp akibat semalam punya kang2 kat PG. Ni kat lecture theatre pun otak masik kat PG, bila nak dapat bonus utk tukar tayar... ... Fire-safety Management dah bertukar kepada Tyre-safety Management
  7. SELAMAT PAGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hati gembira dapat lepas kan ...........*ehem* Pagi tadi balik keje pun motor ringan healthy je.... sambil angin pagi menghembus PIE, tgk meter 160km/h.... Alamak! Ni effina yg bukak thread pasal 17th feb track day. assuming korang semua turun.... sekali tgk track day macam tak ramai gitu ... apa lagi kan, Tayar BT-014 tu jugak lah joyride main layang2 kat PG tu ... dah start kul 11:30am ah semua "Superfast Rider", Shah Oli, Marvin Singh, AmbaUlarOrang, etc start masuk .. aku pun call it a day lah... tayar pun dah kasar ... hati pun dah
  8. Selamat petang semua ... baru balik PG ... so the panas .... 11.50am me dah balik .. sekali kat luar traffic light ... ternampak ..... 1) K6 Maroon, orang nyer seluar bermudas ... 2) aku ternampak STRADA ah ! catching up tu 5-lap race.
  9. I'm back from track. Thank God not so overcrowded. Sorry if i track-hogging the fast riders. cant got fast, BT014 hope u understand. am trying to finish up my tyre before change. Nice meeting some of u
  10. Erm .. do i get a free Monster if i can produce this kinda stunts ?
  11. That is wonderful .... in addition to my introduction into ducati world .. will consider getting it ... will call u ... but is US 7 = 42 ?
  12. I got offer ... give away for free .. C.O.I..... balance also not much .. so i suggest, i do full settlement .. then go LTA make transfer there much cheaper .. so shop cannot KETOK !
  13. Just great, i intended to get M400 .... cash if below 3k ... somewhere next week ...
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