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  1. iphone 3gs fast deal message or call 93375577 leng to deal

  2. vidak the man ! hahaha ! u collect the prizes already like running here and there. ahaha never call me. i got like 4 bags, front basket and back box on my bike. can help u kapok some. HEE HEE HEE . my boyf went, EH , the hair no more curly2 already? EEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHE . he remembers you coz you're sooo helpful. shud stand on top. got clear birds eye view. can see who picking nose also. ew~
  3. bro betta tell them uh. i was in your situation also. coz got family history of someone pass away due to bike accident. i used to ride without telling them that i already bought the bike. but u know la the feeling, (unless you are heartless). standby reasons why u need the bike. if they willingly allow u to get a bike, just get a normal 4stroke bike suda. easy maintenance. restu is important. i used to ride 2 stroke, people ask me why 2stroke, i say for transport. in the end, kena slam, people all say, "otak kau utk transport, utk cari makan, kau pkai 2stroke. da tahu moto sakit, transport k
  4. went on both days. first day, parked inside *scape, thanks to ahgui and the malay guy in bandana. was soaking wet coz rain cats & dogs ( mood totally change coz east side sunny like [email protected]#$ suddenly rain cats & dogs. wana go collect goodie bag also, still rain cats & dogs. ) but the organizer still lively despite the weather. :thumbs: decided to leave coz no mood , scared later i scold strangers for no reason hehe! second day, yay ! promising weather. parked opposite *scape instead. collect goodie bag, sadded coz no more S sized shirts, then walk2, so many flyers, so many promoti
  5. Wah sEh someone won lucky drawww . Ehh and his hair now short! No more maggieboyyyy (:
  6. where there's a will, there's a way ! i saw two guys on a bike both with big bulky bags. the pillion is a big guy summore. pity the poor spark. hahah ! jom go defensive riding. ahah ~ but for NSF , defensive riding is free right? or issit after that can claim, if you take at SSDC. my boyfie went defensive riding at SSDC fr free. shiok sia. then the poor girlf must go alone. ahah~ misterrrr, i thought u asked around bfo for insurance quotation? i dont think got such reloans ler ..~ how much is your insurance? how much u have on hand? by the way congrats! i pass u the pplates when
  7. What if d rider also female ? teeeheeeheeeheeeeeee Also hot?
  8. hairulsham - check shops near ite tamp uhh ?
  9. just nice all talking abt racing footrest . heh ~ contemplating on changing to racing footrest also. coz the riding posture on stock footrest abit tiring for me. and i find ppl riding and putting their feet on pillion footrest really2 crap. but what about the pillion? coz i'm the rider and the pillion of my own bike hee. the pillion footrest like abit "ternaik" so i'm not sure if pillion will be comfortable or not. hmm ~ my bike keeps dying off when stationary. at first its the timing (whatever, not sure). mech fix it already, then now, after change EO, keep dying also. i dont like the k
  10. @VidaK ; haiya . u ahh, cheat my feelings. got carburetor laa, right? hahaa or am i wrong? sheesh. i dont know lahh. i havent open & see see what's inside my spark. i only know i got one nut cannot take out coz the thread already broke. -.-' i wanna remove my box bracket leii . how how howwww ~
  11. i saw a krr with missing meter bfo ! it look really really errr ... funny . neh, i'll never let the boy have spoke rims and sotong tires. i will never pillion that kinda bike ! i got faint heart lor ... now is only the block ler ... coz recent overhaul already change to a new carburator. stomach also change back to standard one coz of inspection (harharhar!) .. normal loud noise is i dont care one. now i really hate the sound coming from the engine. u know like peanut sound that one? now is not like peanut hit against the block la, is already like walnut hit against the block. haha. ok lam
  12. @huairen ; i anything one. rather buang on the driving center bike than buang on my own bike hehe ! why u may need it in march? u no longer NS what ... hahahh ... when u planning to go and where ? still CDC or wanna go SSDC?
  13. efi system is what? i dont know if still fully stock or not. coz this bike happens to be my neighbour's bike. fml. should have known better and bought directly from him sia. zzz ~ the boy's krr has been overhauled last year. i forgot changed what uh. haha... but for sure the sound of the piston raging against the block can be heard. what do you expect from a bike that was previously used for jackpot by the previous owner right. ohwells ~ (wth why always keep double posting even when i didnt click the tab twice. -.-')
  14. @infinity , you're the girl who has an a4 paper stapled to the booklet for attendance? i saw you few times back in early 2009. by any chance are you that particular girl? anyone wants to go for defensive riding? been wanting to go for defensive riding with my friends who wants to ride into camp, but all pangseh me sia. i dont wanna go alone, paiseh likethat.
  15. run with the bike and kick up gear two .. hahhaha @VidaK ; the boy wants to restore his krr engine back to its proper condition. the block has been ported quite .. idk . the sound is unbearable. on the other hand, i'm quite pissed off with my spark. keeps on dying at traffic lights. grr ! i do miss my albino. i checked and it's still under lay up. wonder what the fella is doing to her. gosh ~ i'm going to the sbf anniversary! see you there maggie-hair boy. long time no bump into u , nice guy. tiiihiiihiii ~
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