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  1. thks for the advise cik pat! will check for off days or leave and I don't mind riding with the rear guards. slow and easy win the race. In this case, enjoy the the trip safely!
  2. cik pat, Your normal convoy speed is usually 120km/h ++ correct? My normal speed on NSHW base on GPS is usually 100-110km/h but speedo is 120km/h as its off. Is this speed Ok for your convoy? I am riding a Yamaha WR250R which is capable of cruising at 120km/h but i am more comfortable with 110km/h (GPS speed)
  3. so sorry for the lost. can i asked if the handlebar was locked and was there additional disc lock used? this is one of my main worries whenever i ride in to msia, and the reason why i don't hang around in JB town near the causeway. hope you get your claim approved asap.
  4. so sorry for the lost. can i asked if the handlebar was locked and was there additional disc lock used? this is one of my main worries whenever i ride in to msia, and the reason why i don't hang around in JB town near the causeway. hope you get your claim approved asap.
  5. Thks Oren for the keep left at junction advise, I think its a great idea, and will try out your suggestion when i can start riding again. I don't normally wear my knee shin guard in Singapore, I only use it when I cross te border to Malaysia. However, its best practice to them on, which I will seriously consider. I tried it for awhile and got lazy with the knee shin guard. You might wanna check out KNOX armour, they have back protectors that run all the way down to the sacra region. Google for it and I think the local distributor is based in Jurong area.
  6. Oren, its just a normal rubber back padding that came with my komine, but I took it out and fitted it inside my RS taichi mesh jacket (my backup jacket). I put my Hard Plastic RS taichi back guard in my Komine (primary jacket) instead. I was wearing my old RS taichi jacket as I just washed my Komine. Both jacket are available from Motoworld, do check it out. Price is reasonable. I think I am gonna save up and get myself a full set of forcefield armor. My lower back and left buttock is tight and sore, which is slows me down quite abit in my daily chores. However, I am still able to walk and perform my daily activities independently. THK GOD! I learned my breakfalls when I did Aikido and Jujitsu in my younger days, and one of the break falls we did was to fliped forward and land on our back. It came in handy, even though I have not practiced them for years. It was just muscle memory. However, the important bit that really saved me was I slowed down at the junction, instead of blasting through. PHEW!!!!!!
  7. Just had an accident last night, got thrown forward when I hit a car that did a sudden and illegal U-turn (didn't even see it coming till it was too late). I was was fliping in the air and landed on my back. I am very sure my shoei helmet, and my RS taichi Mesh Jacket with Komine rubber back guard, and TCX riding boots helped me in not getting any fractures. Doctors and Paramedics were very please that I had my body armor. Oh I also think that being trained in breakfall helps heaps too, cause when I was flipping my training kicked in and I just went into a back break fall, which helps. YUP its ATGAT for me! ( ermm..it also helps that i always slow down at traffic junction and Thank GOD too!) Thanks to all the bystanders that helped me too, and the driver also assisted and admitted its her fault to TP.
  8. aft quite abit of internet search.... i managed to install MFM on my 60Csx...YEa!!! anw, here's what i did: - for those with notron, pls turn off the "download intel" when downloading and installing the MFM - follow installation instructions as per MFM advise on their site - connect ur gps unit to the comp for map transfer aft it has been installed in the comp - remember to turn on the gps and also to turn on the usb interface on the 60csx - if using a card reader to upload into ur micro sd card of more than 1G, pls ensure that ur card reader is spec for this kind of SD card. - mine is a outdated old card reader, hence it did not pick up the sd card.he - i had to connect directly to the gps unit. time to play!! yea....
  9. Hi all, I need assistance again. Just got my 60Csx and got my mapsource settled via the enclosed CD and downloaded the driver software fr Garmin. However, my norton does not allow me to install the MFM. I tried twice fr 2 different sites and both time , it states that threat has been removed. Should I disable norton?
  10. SUcks!!! i wish i had posted htis before i ordered the powerlet charger from garmin, i did not noe that amazon has one without the powerlet connection for direct connection to the battery..... ermmm i guess i can remove the powerlet to expose the wires for connection to batt???? hv to thin k abt this..... Demon thk u for the advise The 60CSx is very versatile, it can take both 5v or 12v. Using the 12v cable, all you need is to connect it directing to the battery. If you want that power to be switching, then tap it from your headlight or one of the fuses that is controlled with ignition. if you only want the cable when necessary, then run a snap connector for easy connection and removal. Save yourself from adding another power-socket, and you can DIY
  11. guys i hav alr put in my order for a 60csx via amazon...wooo hooo... erm...have been trying to get feedback on a mounting systems via web search. Suggested Mount: Touratech- Good But Expensive Ram- 50/50 some had bad experience.eg. dropping of GPS, vibration causing unit to shut down or flicker due to vibration. Any advise on which ram mount to get??? and which workshop does a good electrical work? I am thinking of getting a powerlet from limbat and hopefully he can provide a on-off switch so that I can connect it directly to my battery.
  12. thks for the advise and warnin abt th spings. yup.. i intend to get the ram mounts from JK. Rang him a couple of days ago, and he indicated that ram mounts for 60csx is available.
  13. guys, thk u for ur valuable advise and feedbacks. I have kinda of decided to get the 60csx due to its price point. I am aware of its limitations, and hence would start saving for a zumo660 (or something like it as more models appear by the time i have at least 1k for it) Can I get a final piece of advise? - To get the 60csx functional, I would have to download free Mapsource and free maps of Singapore , Msia and THailand from MFM to my computer. Oh and also to get the garmin updater so that my 60csx have the latest firmwear. - Aft the downloads , I have to get it uploaded into the 60csx from my computer. - and the final step is to plan out my routes on my comp and start hiting the roads!! yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa...... (lets hope that it will go as plan???) Are the above steps correct to get the 60csx functional? I am also thinking of getting a powerlet installed on my bike so that i can use the 60csx with a powerlet adapter while on the move. This will allow me to conserve battery power and also to charge my rechargeable batts.
  14. thank you for the prompt replies! Is there any difference between the Nuvi 550 and 500? I did a comparison on the garmin site and both appears the same (maybe I miss a point or 2???). I really like the ruggedness of 60csx esp the use of AA size batteries, but the Nuvi 500 is spec more towards vehicular usage. I know that 60csx can do 1sec interval tracking but unsure of the Nuvi 500/550. Any comments here? Price wise, 60csx is US$200 while Nuvi 500/550 is US$260. Haiz.... decisions decisions....mmmm....maybe Nuvi500/550 is the way to go as its a vehicular unit as pointed out by 1st poster. OH! It also seems that Kmax is using Nuvi500 which kinda says alot abt the usefulness of the unit for touring usage. It has the Kmax stamp of approval???? hahahaha....
  15. guys, i am a newbie to GPS and I hope to get some advise on the 60csx. Considering this "old" unit for its price point, AA batteries, small size, and ruggedness. Intended use, adventure touring in Msia, and thai (would like to go further north if I can) Queries: - Can this unit do search via street names? - Is it responsive for motorbiking or does it lag behind? ( I understand i have to change it to drive mode for it to be more responsive) - Is the screen too small to see? ANy other advise or feedback on this unit is greatly appreciated. Other unit that I may consider is the Nuvi500 but it has just crossed my price point.
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