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  1. @O'Ren great trip you are having i assume.. haha.. go ride the roads of Mae Hong Son if you are planning to go up north.. its just amazing.. and... not sure who was asking about exchange rate in thailand.. changing to thai baht in thailand has much much better rate than in singapore.. i'm not sure why but that's the way it is.. the rate 1-2 weeks ago was about S$1 - 24.1~~ Baht.. in thailand, its S$1 - almost 25.1~~ baht..
  2. maybe you can get your cashcard checked instead.. sometimes it might be cashcard too.. the chip on the cash card isnt very tough.. abit bend will make it not read well..
  3. glzco

    Scuba Diving

    hahaa.. tioman tonight.. lol.. i was tinkin of LOB-ing in tioman.. haha..
  4. isnt this the video they show you after passing your driving license or bike license?
  5. glzco

    Scuba Diving

    lol.. nobody organise one when open season.. anyone interested in LOB in sept then? haha..
  6. Anyone who plays soccer and is free this Sunday? I got a role open in one of the tv dramas.. for goal keeper.. more details can PM or SMS me.. heh..
  7. Lol! I missed probably a trillion messages on the forum itself.. today went to um.. and promoted our forum to two other gentlemen.. intro them to the power of sinnob and other stuff from our Indo counterparts and they said they'll take a look at our forum.. mj watch out for phone calls for sinnob! Lol..
  8. guess who's back... firefly's back.. guess who's back guess who's back guess who's back.. lol.. how's everyone doing!!
  9. whao... awesome pics you have.. are you a photographer by hobby or by profession as well? wow.. i loved the pics you have.. its.. wow.. really awesome.. wished i could have gone on a trip like yours but just couldn't.. but am glad to see the trip went well despite the hic-cups before and during the trip.. amazing..
  10. @SC Gaban nice pics.. heh.. more on ur album i saw some nice ones... @mjbs64 do i have anything with you? i think i do.. hahaha..
  11. agreed~~~~ arthur you scanvenging the forum for bike parts ar? ha.. its jimmy, joe and johnny.. but johnny isnt in the workshop much.. chris tends the workshop for him.. yeah.. from bukit panjang to bukit panjang.. how much petrol can you burn? yes.. agree.. always bargain like mad~~~~
  12. i went in ard midnight.. lol.. traffic was like smooth like a baby ass.. lol... no bike can pillion.. heh.. ask alvin or kira.. lol... or walk to plaza.. haha.. or like me and kira lo-man-tic walk from bangkit to plaza back to bangkit again.. o'ren tryin to do so.. but no news from her.. dunoe whr she go liaoz.. haha.. haha.. i saw both you and arthur go up.. both of you the face damn sian to get consolation.. hahaha.. helmetboy got free delivery i tink.. go get la.. haha.. better then none! ha.. ya.. nth much for common ppl.. lol.. m
  13. Can remove.. the only drawback of that water might, MIGHT, get into the fork thru the little gaps between the fork and the rubber..
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