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  1. After application, it will be mailed to your registered address within 1 or 2 working weeks. Can't head down and collect on the spot.
  2. Dropping the rear 2 teeth would make difference. But your pickup will be affected. Can't have the cake and eat it at the same time.
  3. Yes, a different RFID Tag for your bike will be issued. But doubt it will be of much use in current day and age. Most Carparks are EPS based, and you will be scanned using IU instead of RFID. Attendants are supposed to key in your Bike details into their devices whenever checking for validity of Season parking, as such it would show up as valid if you have bought it already.
  4. The socket for Spark should be H6, IIRC. After knowing the Socket, next thing would be the wattage/power requirements. Having a higher wattage bulb than recommended by bulb, would take a toll on the electronics and affect the life span of your parts. Do your homework and get the proper bulb that you need, not want. and keep in mind the restrictions in placed by LTA for headlight bulbs, lumens etc.
  5. Previously used on kup Looking for $50, cash & carry @ CCK, pm me. more than 50% thread left Battalax BT39 Still quite new, less than 2 years 80/90-17
  6. I'm letting go my T6, for fifty with delivery. pm if need
  7. For the month of may. free deliveries.
  8. Yamaha Original Spark/jupiter oil filter - $8 K&N KN-141 - $13 K&N KN-155 - $18 Hiflo HF-138RC - $20 PM me for enquiries. KN-141 - replaces Yamaha 5YP-E3440-00 / Yamaha 5TA-13440-00, suitable for the following Rieju (125 Marathon Enduro/ 250 Marathon) Yamaha (WR125/ R125/ WR450) KN-155 KTM 901.38.015.000 KTM 580.38.005.101 KTM 580.38.005.000 KTM 580.38.005.100 KTM Duke / RC / 400 EXC/ 450 EXC Pulsar NS/RS
  9. Anyone interested in Shell Rotella T6, 5W-40, gallon bottle.
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