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  1. was at KL for the weekend. took coach as i dun ride with my wife. furthermore she's expecting.. but thats another story.. kinda of sad looking at the highway. departing from s'pore morning i onlee saw 01 bike throughout the whole journey other than m'sia cub. it looks like a less than 400cc n dun really think the guy going for solo touring trip. then on my way back (which is arnd late evening) i only saw maybe 2 bike n both are solo.. what happen to the riders? celebrating national day? if yes, then i think i the only one who is not patriotic enough.. by now some of you reading this must be th
  2. one of those rare occasion i post here.. sorry guys for not able to make it at smp on last wed.. finish work late that day. miss looking at so many XJR at one time.. btw MR Chairman when is the next trip...
  3. hey boybulance. remember u said that xjr chooses its rider? lets see this guy getting an XJR or not.. to add on to wat boybulance say.. DO NOT try with a versionS on mlysia highway. this is based on xperience. on the other we are living in this peaceful country call singapore... so we dun hv to worry so much abt speeding.. cos i'll be there.. hehehe.. i conclude myself by telling u is nice to have another XJR rider on the road. do wave at a white helmet with a chinese character on it & also do give way..hehe... p.s. btw i' not a T.P.
  4. shop lah.. they are professionals.. dun like to dirty my hands.. about dinner can't make it today.. hv plans liao.. nice tots but weird gesture..
  5. good morning everyone... nice weather today. btw anyone blown their speedometer light b4?
  6. oh ya boybulance.. talk like real bike choose rider.. i paid for X(thats wat i call for my bike in short)not X pay me. n yes i name my bike.. if u wanna get an XJR4 go to ubi industrial.. saw one in blue.. btw if anyone saw XJR rider with a red chinese wording on a white helmet.. thts me... one of the hated rider on the road.hahahah
  7. fuiyoo... wats the big hoo haa..past is past wat.. takmo kecoh2.. so u guys going any trips soon? songkhran maybe?
  8. i'm new here. been riding xjr400 for more than 4yrs(instalment finish.. hehehe...) anyway, can anyone reco muffler to change.. any brands other than GPR.. cheers..
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