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  1. Congrat on your accomplishment in China. Such pity you didn't finish the last league on your duke...

  2. Nice to know that you had a nice trip and a heap of memories.

  3. Next time hope can hear the sound... ding.... ding... don... don... Duccccaatttiii.....

  4. Hey there! Nice to meet you at the junction earlier. Good to know there's a fellow female rider within the vicinity - you're the first I've met!

  5. wah, change to 1098 already. cool...

  6. Joined SBF for six years le, now then i realise that U are the first one and only person in my friend's list! Thanks for breaking the Zero! Hahahah......

  7. aloha............now i get what u have been saying earlier.....



  8. Yo,


    I suffering from road trip withdrawal symptom lehz... left my heart back in thailand... damn!

  9. Yo,


    How's the bike repair getting along?

  10. Hi,


    Actually i dunno who is Ah Gui.. I just add his name into friend's list only.

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