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  1. Bro, when considering to buy a Divvy, it is NEVER the question of availability of parts... The question is "Is there ANY Diversion available FOR SALE?" After buying one, then can start worrying about the parts, coz there is no problem of getting 1st hand spare parts... Not only spare parts, you want a NEW ENGINE, also CAN!!! ;D
  2. As of now, 1. Rudy 2. Boybulance 3. Bats 4. Leong Confirmed going... Anyone else wanna join?
  3. wow azmean!!! that is excellent work!!! determination + creativity = pure genius!!! wonder if i can use the same idea to install a similar 'switch box' for blinker lights? hmmmm.....
  4. tink we both saw the same XJR!!! It was blue.... so i can safely assume he's not part of the XJR Club? hmmm.... looks like he can be a potential member of the XJR Club....
  5. no wonder the place looks familiar.... nice!!! by the way, to those who have a Facebook account, and wana add me, my email is [email protected] can keep in touch, coz I'm planning to leave for Australia next year.... YEAH!!!!
  6. onemanarmy: I was looking at your avatar, very scenic background of ur bike profile... may i noe where u took the pic?
  7. rasmus, u might wana speak to the veteran XJRer, happy125 - he may know where to get the chain and sprockets.... plus, if u read the previous postings, the XJRers were discussing about the chain and sprockets.... maybe they can help you out... they're a friendly bunch and very welcoming to new XJR riders - welcome to the XJR Club - be unique, be different, be an XJRer!!!
  8. I happened to bump into Leon at Alexandra on Wednesday, when he told me about the shock he had one morning - his XJR was leaned onto the wall of his MSCP and both his OHLINS shocks were gone!!! tot of giving u guys a heads up... pleaze get ur shocks secured!!! my previous XJR nuts were WELDED - only cost a few dollars for a peace of mind and pleasant sleep.... an XJR is not an XJR without the OHLINS shocks, just like a Diversion is not a Diversion without the Krauser side panniers....
  9. hey XJRers!! congrats on ur upcoming Thailand trip.... Wish I can join u guys!!! i don't tink i'll ever ride up to Thailand, so like I mentioned in my previous posting, go get urselves the Thai number plate, u guys deserve it!!! heads up! i saw an FBA plate XJR on the PIE last Tuesday heading towards Tampines... anyone of ur guys?
  10. Hi XJRers!!!! Been a looooong time since i last dropped in to tis thread.... I thought this would be a good time to make a posting..... I bought myself a Yamaha Diversion a couple of days ago, and my XJR400R's COE is expiring this November.... I am planning to sell it (with all accessories intact) or I may just as well scrap it.... quite a pity to scrap the XJR together with the Ohlins suspensions, Brembo front brakes and Givi Wingrack2, so I thought I might as well promote an XJR to XJR lovers.... Quite a waste to scrap another rare bike, the XJR "Fighting Spirits"..... I'm willing to
  11. Had that problem too when I first bought the bike.... To change new one may cost $100+, but if it's stuck, u may want to spray WD40 1st, then try to push the key UPWARDS, while in that position, then u turn it.... It's the same with most Yamaha bikes.... Try it first before u consider buying a new ignition... Save cost....
  12. 19-23 March 2010 will definitely go down in history as the FIRST XJR trip to Thailand, organised by the XJR Club.... Here's an advanced CONGRATULATIONS to you guys!!!! I pray that you guys have a safe trip there and back.... PS: PLEASE go get urselves those THAI license plates.... It's for bragging rights....
  13. unweld them first ----> CORRECT CORRECT CORRECT!!!!!! Thieves don't really go around HDB MSCPs with portable welding tools, do they? I was at Ubi Ah Chong earlier this afternoon, saw a blue XJR FX plate, I tink... The owner was getting the bike serviced, tried to wait awhile for the owner, but didn't manage to see him.... Saw another XJR BEHIND Ubi Ah Chong, where the bikes are parked.... Hmmmm..... is Ubi Ah Chong = Planet Motors? btarroja = ur bike at Planet Motors juz now? could be urs that I saw.... hmmmm.....
  14. Juz a suggestion: A cheaper alternative but may still give you a peaceful night's sleep would be to weld.... I asked my mechanic to reverse the bolts and nuts INWARDS (facing the tyres) and WELD them.... Meaning, if some one intends to steal the shocks, he's gonna have to: Saw off the screws and nuts or BREAK the entire thing..... Which will defeat the purpose of stealing them in the 1st place, right?
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